West Kelowna IRLP Simplex Node


IRLP Node 1919

Covers West Kelowna and parts of Kelowna. Westside Road and Campbell Road may be shaded due to terrain.

The status of the West Kelowna node is available from here.

IRLP reflectors of possible interest to OCARC members include:

9022 - Rainbow Country Net at 9AM PT daily  (status of VE7RPT repeater in Vancouver here).

  Participating areas
  146.940- VE7RPT Vancouver (Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, East Van Is, North Puget Sound)
  147.320+ VE7RLO Kamloops (Vernon, Salmon Arm, Logan Lake)
  146.660- VE7IRN Merritt
  147.480s VE7JXC Central Okanagan


9013 - Trans Canada IRLP Net at 8AM PT Wednesday.

  Participating areas
  145.270- VE7RHS    1000    Vancouver        BC (Greater Vancouver, East Van Is)
  146.840- VE7VIC    1030    Victoria        BC (South Van Is and Gulf Is)
  146.420s VE5LAR    1033    Lac La Ronge        SK (local area)
  146.700- VE6MLD    1100    Medicine Hat        AB (Medicine Hat and area)
  146.610- VE6OIL    1260    Province-wide SARA    AB (Athabaska to Calgary and all in between)
  449.975     VE5CC    1350    Saskatoon        SK (Saskatoon and wide area)
  145.150- VE7WCC    1507    New Westminster        BC (local area)
  147.120+ VE5YQR    1550    Regina            SK (Regina and wide area)
  147.360+ VE7RSC    1736    Surrey            BC (Fraser Valley)
  147.480s VE7JXC    1919    West Kelowna        BC (Central Okanagan)
  146.775- VE3MUS    2460    Lake Of Bays Huntsville    ON (Sundridge to Orillia)
  146.550s VE1JCS    2507    ANTIGONISH        NS (local area)
  147.315+ VE3LSR    2688    Barrie            ON (Lake Simcoe area)
  146.590s VE3LEW    2845    East York        ON (East Toronto area)
  446.500s VA3WM    2931    Niagara-on-the-Lake    ON (local area)


9300 - Saskatchewan Reflector - Saskatchewan net at 9 PM Sask Time every weekday.


9050 - East Coast Reflector - approx. 30 IRLP nodes in the US.

9070 - Alaska Reflector - several linked nodes in southern Alaska.

9100 - Western Intertie (WIN System) - approx. 20 nodes, plus many RF networked repeaters in SW US.

9503 - VK Repeater Linked System - repeaters linked throughout Victoria, including Melbourne.

Many additional nodes and reflectors are listed at irlp.net.






Base Frequency
147.480 MHz
Access Tone
88.5 Hz
Optional Squelch Tone
88.5 Hz
Mode / Features
FM Voice
Location (Sponsor)
West Kelowna (VE7JXC)
2 Meters (144-148 MHz)
Off Air
600.00 m
Short Comment
Off due to equipment malfunction, possibly for a couple of weeks. IRLP Node 1919. Covers West Kelowna and parts of Kelowna. Westside Road and Campbell Road may be shaded.
Coordinated By