Amateur Radio Links

These Amateur Radio Links in no particular order. 

Goverment of Canada amateur radio exam generator

Vancouver Emergency Community Telecommunications Organization. Bringing together the power of citizens and amateur radio to enhance community resiliency for times of emergency and disaster.

Metro Vancouver Radio Nets

Frequency List for Lower Mainland (with VECTOR standard channel labels)

Cariboo Chilcotin Amateur Radio Society Linked Repeater System

Red Cross video about the Cariboo repeater system

Prince George Amateur Radio Club Northern BC Linked Repeater Map

Vancouver Island Trunk System Status Page

Repeater Locations (Tofino is new, so not shown)

Yukon Amateur Radio Association Linked Repeater System

YARA maintains a wide area network of voice repeaters to cover Whitehorse, Beaver Creek, Carcross, Dawson City, Faro, Haines Junction, Johnson's Crossing, Stewart Crossing, and Watson Lake in Yukon as well as Bennett and Atlin in British Columbia. Detailed Highways Coverage.

Emergency Communications Ontario Association

ECOA Online Amateur Radio Course Materials

Calgary Amateur Radio Association

Southern Alberta Repeater Association

Old SIRG map (very out of date)

ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station)

AMSAT Live OSCAR Satellite Status Page (with links to satellite and frequency info)

Ham Radio Buy and Sell - Hamshack

Fletcher Electronics, Transistors, Ic's, Capacitor's and other components