OCARC Format Net

OCARC Wednesday 2 Meter Format Net

Good evening,

Calling the Orchard City Amateur Radio Club 2 meter net. This is ________ (NAME), ________ (CALLSIGN) I will be your net control tonight.

  • Before we get started, do we have any emergency or priority traffic requiring the use of this repeater?
  • This net meets every Wednesday at 2000 hours local time using the Okanagan Mountain repeater on 147.000Mhz with a positive 600khz offset and a tone of 88.5Hz. All amateurs are invited to check in.
  • This net has informal discussions on matters concerning club members and amateur radio in general. Our club is affiliated with PEP and members offer assistance to various events in the Central Okanagan and beyond.
  • The Orchard City Amateur Radio Club supports the Central Okanagan Regional District Emergency Operations Program, Central Okanagan Search and Rescue and Civil Air Search and Rescue Association with extensive VHF/UHF and HF capable stations at both Chute Lake and Ellison.
  • Our monthly meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of the month at the fire hall.
  • Swap and Shop items can be listed later in the net when called for or by contacting our Webmaster on our website at OCARC.ca.
  • Is there any information on sick or injured amateurs?
  • Are there any visitors, mobiles or early checkins tonight?
  • Are there any announcements, bulletins or anything of interest to amateurs? Again, this is ________ (NAME), ________ (CALLSIGN) Net Control.
  • We will now take general check-ins. Everyone is welcome who can access this repeater.

(Net Checkins, etc.)

Every 30 minutes ________ (NAME), ________ (CALLSIGN)

  • With nothing heard, we will now take anyone with swap and shop items, please come now.
  • Are there any late check-ins, further news or discussions?
  • With nothing heard and XX check-ins, this is ________ (NAME), ________ (CALLSIGN) closing the OCARC Net and encouraging everyone to check in again next Wednesday at 1930 local time.
  • 73 and good night. I will now be returning the repeater to normal use.