Membership Privacy Policy


The privacy policy of the Orchard City Amateur Radio Club (OCARC) complies with the requirements of the BC Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The President and Secretary are jointly responsible for complying with this policy.

Non-Profit Society

The Orchard City Amateur Radio Club is a registered non-profit society operated for and by its members and as such is under the jurisdiction of provincial and federal regulations.


The Orchard City Amateur Radio Club retains a register of members with contact information provided and which is required under the Societies Act. We use this information to send members notices of general meetings, validate quorum at general meetings, announce events and deliver reports. The information collected and retained includes:

  • Name
  • Email and/or Phone
  • Call sign
  • Postal address
  • Class of membership
  • Membership status
  • Membership payment history
  • Member of Radio Amateurs of Canada


For the convenience of members wishing to organize a club activity, a list of members is available for viewing and we make this available through our website with password protected access limited to members. The information in the published membership list includes:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Call sign
  • Phone (when explicitly permitted)
  • Postal address (when explicitly permitted)


The Orchard City Amateur Radio Club will record information shared by members attending meetings and disseminate reports to all members.

Members of the club agree to receive meeting notices, announcements and reports by email. Any member may request to be removed from the email distribution by sending the request to the secretary. In doing so, the member will no longer receive announcement and reports, but will still receive notices of meetings.

Members participating in the equipment loan program will sign a loan agreement which will be retained together with a list of equipment borrowed.

Sharing Member Information

The record of membership, including the name and call sign only, is provided to Radio Amateurs of Canada to determine the insurance premium for the society.

The directors of the society will have their names and addresses registered with BC Registries and Online Services in compliance with the Societies Act of British Columbia.

Applications for Membership

The Orchard City Amateur Radio Club will collect and retain contact information on applicants for membership. The information collected is the same as that of a society member.

Former Members

A record of former members of the society is retained for historical purposes and to reinstate a lapsed membership. Any former member may request to be removed from the list by sending the request to the secretary, in compliance with Government Privacy Regulations.


Correspondence sent to the Orchard City Amateur Radio Club including the content of any emails will be retained for future reference.

Members of Public

The Orchard City Amateur Radio Club may retain contact information of non-members, such as other radio amateurs, visitors, students taking an Amateur Radio related course, people making inquiries, swap meet vendors, and commercial vendors who have contacted us. We may send announcements and notices via email. Non-members can ask to be removed from receiving further information and, in the case of bulk email, may unsubscribe from the list by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Financial Records

Any payments received or provided by Orchard City Amateur Radio Club will identify the individual making or receiving payment in the financial records of the society.


Members and non-members attending the Orchard City Amateur Radio Club events may have their photographs taken or video recorded with permission as a historical record and for educational purposes. Such material may be published on our website or social media accounts. Anyone may make a request to the webmaster/editor to have their photograph removed.

Access and Modification

Any individuals may request a copy of their personal data by making a request to the secretary or president. They may also request corrections, modification, or deletion of the data. For convenience, members may update their contact information by sending an email to the Secretary,


Last Edited on 2021-02-09