OCARC Repeater Site at the top of Okanagan Mountain

Posted on: Tue, 06/28/2022 - 23:27 By: VE7JXC


For those of you that were out with me yesterday driving up to the OCARC repeater site at the top of Okanagan Mountain, I have made a YouTube video of the drive. It starts at the locked gate at the bottom and goes right to the summit.

If you've ever wondered what it would feel like being strapped to the hood of my Jeep as we made the drive to the repeater site, then this video is for you. Your eyeballs would be right about where the camera was mounted. Feel the wind in your hair (if you have any), listen to the crunch of the gravel, hear the engine knock as I lug the motor. I even stalled the engine once. Listen to us bottom out, twice. No tiresome narration. All in HD. There's even a SD version for those of you still on dial-up.

So grab a beverage, or light that hookah and sit back in front of your big screen smart TV for 37 minutes of bumpy road.

Or not;

Okanagan Mountain Park Jeep Ride long version

Okanagan Mountain Park Jeep Ride short version


Thank you for the videos John VE7JWS