Amateur Radio License Course

The course will begin on January 16th and run once each week (on Wednesdays) until April 17th 2019.

April 10th is when you will be able to write the Industry Canada provided exam. A score of 70% is a pass, and a score above 80% is considered “passing with honors” which unlocks additional frequencies for you.

On April 17th , there will be a post course session or “Orientation Session” for new Hams covering such topics as Club activities, Q & A, Demos and radio operating procedures.

What is Amateur Radio? Amateur radio (ham radio) is the licensed and private amateur use of designated radio bands, for purposes of recreation, non-commercial exchange of messages, global radio communication, experimentation, and emergency communications.

Amateur Radio frequencies and mountain top repeaters can be utilized by licensed operators in times of emergency, or for general communications. If you’re an avid outdoors person, snow-mobiler, hiker, hunter etc., basic radio equipment can be used to contact other amateurs when you are well outside of cell phone range. The license you will obtain is good for life.

Course Details

Fees Basic Course $50.00

(including exam & one year’s club membership)

Manual Basic Qualification (9th Edition) $50.00

When; Wednesday Evening 7:00 to 9:45 PM

Where; Main Fire Hall, 2250 Enterprise Way, Kelowna

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