Items For Sale

Posted on: Wed, 08/10/2022 - 17:48 By: VE7JXC

The following items were donated to OCARC for the benefit of the Club. These are being offered for sale to club members and others on the following terms and conditions:

Offers can only be made by email to

To be valid each offer must include contact information for the purchaser (Name, Address, Phone Number, & Email Address), the item number.

The highest offer for any item will be accepted as long as it equals or exceeds the minimum offer price.  

In the case of multiple acceptable offers of an equal amount the first email received will win.

All purchases must be in Canadian Dollars.

No deposit is required to make an offer for an item.

All offers for the radio transceivers must be accompanied by your call sign.

The winning offeror for each item will be notified by email and or by telephone.

All items must be picked up by the purchaser. No items will be shipped.

All successful purchasers will be able to pay for their items and pick up at the Club Meeting on September 22, 2022 or as arranged. 

Any successful offers for items not paid and picked up by October  5, 2022 will be considered void and the items will be resold at a later date in any manner that the Club executive deems appropriate.

All items are sold on an as is where is basis. There are no guarantees or warranties as to accuracy of description or suitability for purpose. 

All batteries included with packages are assumed to be in need of replacement.

Minimum Offer          Items for sale (all sold as is where is)

$10 Keyboard Keyer      MFJ-452      May not work.

$10 “The Epiphyte” 80m QRP SSB tranceiver (by VE7QK)

$20 Rig Blaster Advantage (West Mountain Radio)

-- with  cables and bag of jumper blocks to match microphone connector wiring schemes

$20 Tuneable DSP Filter  MFJ-784B  - with power wall wart

$10 Maco 13.8V 20A power supply

ammeter display is loose on front panel

$10 Iambic Paddle (possibly Bencher, MFJ, or some other manufacturer. No label on base)

similar to:

$10 Grandmaster II Contest Memory Keyer  MFJ-486

$20 Tentec 6m Transverter (No. 1208) (5w 14MHz in, 8W 50 MHz out)- with DC leads

$10 QRP Sprint (Oak Hills Research)  Single band qrp kit. Band unknown,

$10 Soundcard Interface  MFJ-1275M - with 8 pin RJ45 cable to radio

$10 Realistic HTX-202 2m Handheld (Radio Shack)- with battery pack to hold 6 AA batteries

- also with generic battery with 12v charge port on the back (battery state unknown)

$5 Mobile Speaker with bracket for mounting (labelled Radio Shack)

$5 Mobile Speaker with bracket for mounting (labelled Realistic)

$10 Stark II RF Signal Generator RFG-2

$20 Zotac (Nvidia) graphics card. GEFORCE GTX1060 (GTX1060-3GD5)

$20 G.Skill Ripjaws F4-2400C15Q-64GVR  DDR-2400  PC4-19200  package of 4  16 GB.

$5 Zetel Simplex/Duplex Smart Patch (Phone Patch)  J-Com SPP-600

$20 Microsoft Lifecam HD-5000

$40 Samsung Monitor  Model LU28E590DS/ZA

$10 Seagate 500GB Hard Disk Storage  ST500DM002

$10 IOGear USB 3.0 Hub  Model GUH326 - 6 port

$20 250GB SSD Storage Drive (possibly only 120GB, OCZ Technology Vertex 3

$10 2 x4   meg  DD3 memory

$10 per item Heathkit Oscilloscope & other assorted Heathkit  test equipment


Your choice - first come first served