Equipment For Sale

Posted on: Wed, 09/13/2023 - 18:16 By: VE7JXC

The following equipment are for sale, contact information is at the end.

Collins 75A2 HF Communications Receiver - $150
The Collins 75A-2 HF is a high quality amateur band receiver.
Collins 75A-2 Receiver #1Collins 75A-2 Receiver #2

Collins 75A-2 Receiver #3


Hammarlund SP-600 - $75
HF rCommunications Receiver.
Hammerlund Model SP-600 #1Hammerlund Model SP-600 #2


Heathkit HD-15 - $10
Hybrid Phone Patch
Heathkit HD-15 Hybrid Phone PatchHeathkit HD-15 Hybrid Phone Patch #2


Heathkit IP-2715 Battery Eliminator - $25
Heathkit IP-2715 Battery Eliminator


Communications Receiver HF/VHF/UHF/FM/AM
Icom IC-R7000 Communications RX #1Icom IC-R7000 Communications RX #2


ICOM TV-R7000 TV RX Adapter - $20
ICOM TV-R7000 TV RX Adapter


ITT Mackay Marine Reciver 3031A (needs some repair) - $150
The 3031A is a fully synthesized, dual conversion, maritime and fixed station communications receiver.
ITT Mackay Marine Reciever Type 3031A


Kenwood R2000 HF Communications Reciver - $200
Kenwood R-2000 Communications RX


Kenwood TS-450S HF Transciever - SOLD
Kenwood TS-450S HF Transceiver


Mast Base - SOLD
Mast Base


Midland 77-202B CB Radio - $20
Midland 77-202B CB Radio #1Midland 77-202B CB Radio #2


RCAF Type GR-10 HF Communications Reciever - $100
RCAF Type GR-10 Communications RX #1RCAF Type GR-10 Communications RX #2


Realistic TRC-850 CB Base Station - $25
Realistic TRC-850 CB Base Station #1Realistic TRC-850 CB Base Station #2


Trio Model 9R-50 HF Communications Receiver - $30
Trio Model 9R-50 Communications RX #1Trio Model 9R-50 Communications RX #2


Zurich DPS-2512M - SOLD
8-Amp 120-V 60-Hertz DC Power Supply
Zurieh DSP-2512M


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