Big White Winter Rally

Posted on: Thu, 11/25/2021 - 17:40 By: VE7JXC

My name is Geoff Hill; I am the volunteer coordinator for the Big White Winter Rally 2021, final round of the Canadian National Rally Championship, to be held on December 11-12, 2021. I would like to tell you more about this event, in the hopes that you or some members of your club would be interested in volunteering as Radio Operators.

Big White Winter Rally is a sanctioned performance driving competition taking place on temporarily closed forestry roads surrounding Big White Winter Resort, 45 minutes East of Kelowna, BC. The event needs amateur radio operators such as yourselves, who are crucial to the safety and success of the weekend as road blockers and control marshals. This is also an amazing opportunity to put your amateur radio skills & equipment in action, and see real cars, on real roads, driving real fast!

I humbly request your assistance to inform members of your amateur radio club of this opportunity, as we need more radio operators to safely run the event. We acknowledge that the recent floods and ongoing Covid-19 situation may impact the ability to volunteer for an event such as BWWR 2021. That being said, Big White Resort is outside of the area heavily affected by flooding, and we are hoping to bring economic activity to local businesses.

What we provide:

To reduce costs to our volunteers as much as possible, we provide free shared accommodation in a condo right at the Big White Ski Resort itself, on the nights of Friday December 10th and Saturday December 11th. The event will finish by 4:00pm Sunday afternoon for you to begin your drive home.

The Volunteer registration page for the event can be found here:

For more information:

Introduction to Rally Volunteering (description of the radio operator role in particular can be found on page 6)

Our next meeting is Wednesday November 24th to discuss the impact of recent event; is there any chance of this information making it to your membership by that evening?

Thank you for your time,

 Geoff Hill