VE7OGO HF Remote

This page is intended to help you set up your computer so that you can operate the Kenwood TS2000 HF radio at the Cedar Creek facility remotely. These instructions follow the email which Mike VE7FI would send out to any interested club members.

I hoped to add to it by using some screen captures to show you what to expect during the setup process. The first thing to do is to email the remote administrators at; with a 4 digit PIN number of your choosing. This number will be put into the database allowing you access to the HF control program.

Now for the computer stuff; Download the Remote Base Web Transceiver program from;

If you are starting new, download the full version and it’s upgrade. If you already have a version of the software, simply install the upgrade. Skype is now installed in our server, as it has proven to be superior in sound quality than the default IRB system.
Download Skype from;
Follow the download instructions which include setting up the account. Once everything is installed, open the remote control program;
Go to “setup”, chose “select sound type”, check “Skype”.

Go to Setup once again and choose “enter login info”.
Add in VE7OGO in the “YOUR LABEL” column.
Under “IRB STATION” type VE7OGO.
Under “IP/URL” type
Under “USERCALL” type in your callsign.
Under “PASSWD” type in the 4 digit password you sent the administrator by email earlier.

Press “SAVE”, then “CLOSE”.
You are now ready to try it out. Choose VE7OGO from the select mode box. It will tell you if VE7OGO is available. If it’s not available, it will tell you which club member is using it at the time. If available, press “login”.
The Skype program may ask you if you accept VE7OGO. Check “yes”.

You should now be able to hear and be heard using Skype, while being able to control the Kenwood TS2000 using the Remote Base Transceiver program.

Any questions?? Feel free to contact