November 2018

Little White Mtn

The Little White Mountain repeater is powered by solar, during winter there are times when the solar panels may not fully charge the batteries.

A friendly reminder that kerchunking (transmitting a carrier without identifying, for the purposes of bringing up a repeater) is not only against the radio regulations, but is wasteful of the limited power available on solar powered repeaters.

Link to current battery status.


Dilworth Mtn


  • Primarily a local chat repeater.
  • During times of emergency, this becomes the dedicated repeater for the Emergency Operations Center.
  • Now requires a tone of 88.5hz

10 kms Handheld

10 kms

25 kms Handheld


IRLP Node 1491 (removed). Autopatch removed.

Linked via UHF to Campbell Mountain Penticton 147.120.


  • Hears Penticton via UHF link, but does not currently transmit to Penticton via UHF link. Users will hear Penticton activity but cannot reply. Kelowna users should access the UHF link directly on 447.225 if they wish to talk to Penticton.

10 kms Handheld

VA7DIG-A Kelowna D-Star (Landmark)

Partial blockage by nearby buildings is not shown on the map.

Parts of Downtown (Towards North End and Royal Heights) are shaded by Landmark 6.

Glenmore Valley and Glenmore Highlands will be shaded by Landmark 7 when construction is complete. This will leave only a small slice along Clifton road with direct line of sight to the repeater.

Coverage in other directions should be similar to that shown on the map.

50 kms