November 2018

Amateur Radio License Course

The course will begin on January 16th and run once each week (on Wednesdays) until April 17th 2019.

April 10th is when you will be able to write the Industry Canada provided exam. A score of 70% is a pass, and a score above 80% is considered “passing with honors” which unlocks additional frequencies for you.

On April 17th , there will be a post course session or “Orientation Session” for new Hams covering such topics as Club activities, Q & A, Demos and radio operating procedures.

Executive Meeting

Our club directors meet monthly to handle club business.

This meeting is open to members by invitation, If you would like to attend please contact a member of the executive.

Location: Canadian Cancer Society - Southern Interior Rotary Lodge 330 Strathcona Avenue Kelowna, BC

Peachland Hub

Normally links Kelowna 146.620 to Penticton 147.120, but the UHF link to Kelowna from Peachland is down.

Can be used for two way comms to Penticton from Peachland on UHF.

50 kms